Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wedding Ceremony Harpist, Katherine Legge Lodge, Hinsdale

It's hard to see, but there is an arch back there, and a wonderful view
of the golf course once you are at the arch!

I've always been inside at this location, so it was a real revelation to be out back under the tall trees! Such a gorgeous location, and very comfortable for the guests, too. The bride was drawn to some of my R and B repertoire, so I got to spend the afternoon playing Beyonce (Dangerously in Love and Halo), Stevie Wonder (Ribbon in the Sky and You are the Sunshine of My Life) and Luther Vandross (Always and Forever and Here and Now). A wonderful way to spend a summer afternoon!

Are you interested in how R and B sounds on the harp? Check out my repertoire page at for ideas!

See? Tall trees and great shade!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Wedding Ceremony Harpist, Biagio Events and Catering, Chicago

A perfectly lovely entry hallway with a lot of natural light.

This was my first time to Biagio Events and Catering in Portage Park. It turns out that Biagio has some really different looking rooms within the same complex. After walking part way down the above hallway, I came to two rooms that looked like this:

Not a super surprising banquet hall. 

A few more steps down the same corridor, and I open this door:

Whoa. Not expecting that. Also, cool tables.

And this was the ceremony room for my clients:

This was next to the room with the tables set up and waiting,
but you couldn't see them at all.

Apparently the bride's family built the archway, so don't get
your heart set on that!

So, officially really different, right? I can report that all of the facilities looked super nice and well kept, so there you have it. One facility, some pretty different choices. Also, they seem to operate a restaurant named "Legno" in the corner of the banquet building. I noticed they were connected from the inside, so maybe the food is similar? It sure would be fun to try things before you committed! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Reception Harpist, Q Room, Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook

The private balcony is really very large!

Okay, so this was actually for a corporate event, but I was totally knocked out by how lovely this room was, so I wanted to post it. This is the Q Room, and it is tucked in to a corner of the main level at the Lodge. I have always been fond of the Grand Oaks Pavilion, but I think this is a little gem, too. There's a wrap-around veranda, and absolutely stunning views. Certainly worth considering if your wedding is going to be on the smaller side!

The view of the lake is really lovely!

The room accommodates 60 people. The small area outside the room
worked well for a medium sized buffet line set up.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Wedding Ceremony Harpist, Morton Arboretum, Lisle

Morton Arboretum rain site

Well, it wasn't supposed to be like this, but Summer 2019 seems to be rather on the wet side. I was glad that the Arboretum had a rain site, and that the rain was coming down straight enough that it was practical for us to be out at all!

This particular bride had some very special music planned. She walked down to the "Flower Duet", and she had two friends there to sing it to harp accompaniment. They were phenomenal singers, and the whole thing was really memorable, if a little soggier than everyone would've liked!

Here is a link to me playing a solo version of the "Flower Duet". It is a really wonderful piece, even without the singers!

Luckily, there were at least a few flowers behind where the
bridal couple would be standing!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Wedding Ceremony Harpist, Columbus Park Refectory, Chicago

I like to set up in the back at this location,
so as not to get in the way of the amazing view!

This is the second time I have been to the Columbus Park Refectory, and I think it is a spectacular venue! Technically, I think the part we were in is referred to as the "Pavilion". It is definitely outdoors, but it has quite a few nice, almost indoor features, like a roof, and if you position yourself correctly, and some protection from the sun. In return, the views are spectacular, and you are all ready to catch any breeze that might be out there. Additionally, the historic architecture just cannot be beat and, consequently, it is hard to take a bad picture here. All in all, a recipe for a fantastic ceremony!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Cocktail Hour Harpist, Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort

The cocktail hour and ceremony space overlooking the pond.

Frankly, we were lucky it wasn't super hot the day of the event. I think the Oak Brook Hills Resort is an absolutely beautiful venue, but there is really not a lick of shade where all of the tables were set up. There is some shade down by the pond where I was, but I think this is something anyone who is planning an event here might want to consider. Additionally, there was some music from the pool area directly to the east. I am not shy. I went over and politely asked them to turn off the music (which they did), but not everyone is as pushy as I am, so there's also that. In the plus column, boy is there room to roam at this venue, and I bet they have everything to keep all of your guests happy throughout the entire wedding weekend. Also, the bride requested "Despacito", so that's up and running for everybody else now, and it sounds great on harp!

The pond that is overlooked!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Wedding Ceremony Harpist, Fisherman's Inn, Elburn

The gorgeous ceremony room. the windows continue all the way down
the left, and give you a panoramic view.

I at Fisherman's Inn years ago when it was a restaurant, but this venue is a revelation now that it is a designated wedding venue. It had been raining (basically the ongoing story of 2019), and the bride decided to move everything indoors. In many ways, it wasn't a big compromise. I think their ceremony room does an amazing job of bringing the view indoors. The cocktail room is directly above the ceremony room (no pictures, sorry), and features a lovely deck overlooking everything. Apparently, they only host one wedding at a time, so all of this is yours and only yours. Wow.

Okay, so the guests were already in the cocktail space (so no photo),
but I took a photo for you from the elevator. Best elevator view ever.